It’s All About Perspective

There’s all this talk about the “natural hair movement”. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome. I mean come on, it’s dope how black women are embracing their natural hair. And what can be cooler than society doing a little throwback to the ’60s where nothing was more beautiful than an Afro. That being said, natural hair shouldn’t be that big of a deal. What is it really? Natural hair is simply hair that remains in it natural textured (curls/kinks) state. And when someone decides to straighten out that texture their hair isn’t in its natural state anymore. But this can go the other way. Those with ‘naturally’ straight hair who get curly or wavy perms are also deviating from their hairs natural state. Even those with generally straight hair who spend a few hairs to bone straight it can be classified as non-naturals. It’s a preference across races and hair types. But whenever someone decides to ‘go natural’ there’s all this hallabaloo about what ‘inspired such a radical change’. When maybe, just maybe, that individual just likes their hair and that’s all there is to it. This does not mean to suggest that those non-naturals hate themselves. Hair is an accessory that should be played with. All I mean is that if someone decides that they enjoy their hair best in its natural state, there doesn’t have to be much to contemplate. It’s just hair, beautifully textured hair.


First Time… Writing on a Blog

Hi there! I’m Mary a somewhat amateur blogger. This is my first post ever.. oh my goodness. But that means I should explain what I’ll be blogging about. This is a blog about natural hair and all things natural from a teen perspective. Since I’m a teen. Which I guess is pretty cool. So if you’ve meandered on over to my blog I hope you find my hair tips/styles/care, epic haircrushes, and the occasional political opinion entertaining, engaging, and helpful!